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Faith Formation

Lifelong Faith Formation.

Welcome to the online site for Faith Formation registration. The fees listed are there to support the ministry we provide. No one is ever denied a sacrament or access to our programs for financial reasons. We welcome students from all local churches seeking an encounter with Jesus Christ and who want to be change makers and disciples. Are you ready?

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Saint Jude (and other guest parishioners) Faith Formation Program: Grades K-12

Saint Julia / Saint Andrew / Saint Paul / Sacred Heart and other parishes: Grades 6-12

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Family of Faith Volume I: The Profession of Faith

Families learn this year about events that took place thousands of years ago. But the story of salvation history is not just in the past: it continues to take place in our lives in a deeply personal way. In the beginning, God created the universe out of nothing, and God continues to create throughout all ages each and every time a human person is conceived. And just as God spoke to our fathers in faith and showed them His plan of salvation, God still speaks to us and calls us to become part of the story of His saving love. These are not distant events to be memorized, but rather life-giving truths to be lived each day. God has called us each by name—this is the story of salvation history. This is our story!


Welcome back to another year of faith formation! This year, our program will focus on creating mentor connections via small group conversations, powerful testimonials from faith witnesses, and many opportunities for a hands-on religion experience. This year we will be using the Sophia Institute as a family based program subscription.

Our Faith Formation night will be conducted on Tuesdays from 4:30-6pm, with K-5 kids reporting to the church and 6-12 students reporting to the parish center. There will be a total of thirteen sessions, and we ask that students attend at least 10 of them in order to successfully finish the school year.

This year, we’re also incorporating a parent component into our Faith Formation curriculum. Fr. Ross will hold parent sessions in the chapel for all parents. We are fortunate to have a pastor that desires to develop closer to his church family, and these sessions will be extremely beneficial to each participant.

We will provide family/service opportunities in addition to the 13 sessions, which will be conveyed to you during the school year. I encourage you to attend as many of these family/service programs as possible since seeing your parents actively engaging is the most effective thing for a young person’s religious growth.

I look forward to this year with our pastor, Fr. Ross, and his vision for our parish community. On behalf of Sara Comi, Nick Heise, Tim Rydberg, our core team, and Fr. Ross, I am excited to begin what I anticipate will be a meaningful year and an intentional step in the right direction as we strive to create disciples and equip them to go out into our hurting world and be a beacon of faith to all those they encounter.

God bless,

Jesse Spanogle and Team

Pastoral Associate


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Other Sacraments


We celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation each year with our bishop. We are inviting young people in grades 9-11 to consider getting confirmed.



We love celebrating the love between two people! Contact us to learn more about how the church supports strong and healthy marriages.



Children in third grade are usually prepared for First Holy Communion. Any child in third grade or older requesting first communion can be added to our preparation classes.


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